Voiceovers by Craig Johnston

Hi, I’m Craig!

I’ve been lending my voice to things for almost 20 years, having started when I was a presenter on Ayrshire’s West FM.  I soon moved in to the station’s commercial production department, where I not only made the ads, but voiced quite a few of them too.

I’m a native of Lanarkshire, in West Central Scotland, with a fairly neutral Scottish accent.  I’m also happy to provide an English accent.  Age range 30s/40s.

My voice has appeared on many commercials on Scottish radio and television.  You might also have heard me on corporate videos, in store audio, or online.

Have a listen to the examples below for a taster.

I’m available on ISDN and Cleanfeed and can record WAV/MP3 files from my own studio.

If you think I’m the voice for your project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Tel: 07553 361636
Email: craig@joxvox.co.uk
ISDN: 01355 244595 (x2)

More audio examples

Video examples